With the increasing ease of setting up blogs with sites like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr, we’re seeing them pop up everywhere with topics ranging from cooking to Nicolas Cage’s face photoshopped onto various people/ objects. The great thing about blogs is that unlike other forms of media; anyone can create and run one. It’s like your own little spot on the internet where the stage is all yours.

Here at DT Media, it’s pretty common for our clients to request a blog for their website. You may have even noticed that we have our own blog. So where do businesses come into all of this? Photoshopping Nicolas Cage’s face onto your products isn’t going to improve sales (Or maybe it will?)

Long story short, running a successful blog linked to your business increases your visibility on the Internet. There are literally billions of web pages on the internet. How are people going to find your website when there are any number of sites offering the same service as yours. It’s time to get active!

We all know that if we’re looking for anything online, we use search engines like Google to find what we’re looking for. The goal of any successful website is to show up whenever people search for terms related to your business. The more your website shows up in the top search results, the more people are going to find you. It sounds straightforward, but remember that you’ve got a lot of competition. Getting into the top results is actually pretty difficult. There’s even a whole area of web development dedicated to it called “Search Engine Optimization,” or SEO for short (which we’ll talk more about in another article).

How does this tie into blogging you ask? Well what do you think will show up more in search results: a website with stale boring information, or a website that is constantly updated with exciting new content that people want to read? The key is to be the one providing the information that your audience is looking for. And that brings us to the most powerful part of blogging: your audience.

When you take your business online the world becomes your potential audience. We’re not talking about a stadium’s worth of people, or a even a city’s worth. We mean every person with an Internet connection, with even the slightest interest in your services. How are you going to take advantage of that? By giving them an online copy of your brochure? Or by giving them amazing content that they’ll want to share with others?

The best content can spread like wildfire online. It’s like the ultimate form of advertising. You create the material and your fans spread the word. But here’s the catch: You have to create material worth sharing in the first place. You can’t churn out pointless posts and expect people to care. You have to be engaging, exciting, informative, and educational. To say it takes a lot of work, time, and creativity is an understatement, but if you’re dedicated and if you’ve got the right stuff, you can open up a whole new world of opportunities.


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