Web designers must take many things into consideration when designing a website. If you are designing your website, one of the things you must consider is where to place your website menu. If you are using a template, you may not have to worry about this placement, but if you are designing your own website from scratch, you should make a wise placement decision. Whether or not you believe it, menus are placed strategically on websites. There is a reason why you will always find them going across the top of the page or down the left-hand side of the home page.

When visitors log on to a website, the first thing they look for is a sense of direction and structure. A website with no proper layout or a menu can become frustrating to users, as they don’t know where to look for orientation. Commonly when people read, they start in the top left-hand corner and browse across the screen. Once they reach the end of the screen, they jump down a line and browse across once more. It is the same pattern as reading that applies to website. It is therefore common that the menu is placed across the top, so the users get immediate orientation support.

Vertical menu placements have also been used, if the space going across the website needs to be used for advertisement or a banner, for example. Vertical menu placements need to be highly visible, so the users know where to go for assistance and guidance.

If you are designing your own menus for your website or want to do something creative, this is the place to do it. However, you should keep one rule in mind. Users often use websites that are consistent in the layout. It provides must easier navigation and user-friendliness for visitors. If you decide to place your menu in one particular place, you must keep it there on all pages that are associated with your website. Avoid putting the menu in the middle of the page on your home page and then changing it on other pages. This creates disorientation and users may end up getting frustrated, because they can’t find anything. Other than that, have fun with your website menu placements.

How have you placed your menu on your website?


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