Handcrafted With Passion.

The door to a small workshop opens with a gentle squeak that disturbs the crisp, silent December morning air. The carpenter steps in from the cold and carefully lights the lantern hanging on a rusty nail. He takes his jacket off and replaces it with a brown, leather apron; covered in sawdust and with straps worn out like old shoelaces. He stands before a table made of fresh cedar. The table is perfect; its edges are smooth, the grain is true, its scent is welcoming and bold, and has been the Carpenters soul focus the past 37 days.

Morning after morning, the carpenter has entered his small tool-filled workshop and transformed a large piece of raw cedar into a table worthy of royalty. The Carpenter’s eyebrows move into a frown as he circles the table, inspecting every inch, running his hand along the edges.

Suddenly he feels a small rough patch towards the base of one leg and greets it with a wry smile. He grabs his tool and begins to smooth the edge with care, making sure it is treated the exact same as every other edge on the table. He steps away from the table and his lips part into a glowing smile. He takes off his apron and puts on his jacket. He gently blows out the lantern, opens the door and steps back out into the morning air. The table is complete.

It is from this ancestry of passion that PixelSmith draws life. The same way that the carpenter will rise early on a cold morning to smooth the smallest imperfection, we believe that in a digital era, websites should be handled with the same love and care afforded to ancient crafts. All of this is done to ensure that the customer will be delighted and benefit from its use for years to come.


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