If you own a business, then you probably own a website, or have thought about getting a website. At first glance, they might seem like a big hassle. They can be a lot of hard work to maintain and update, not to mention expensive and maybe confusing. What are you getting out of this? Does owning a website really affect your business? A website makes a world of difference to you and your customers, and here’s how.


5. Times are Changing

Although a lot of the technology we use today is fairly new in the grand scheme of things, they’ve quickly taken a firm hold in the way we work and live. Among the top most radically influential of these inventions is the Internet. We now have a seemingly endless supply of information accessible with only a few clicks of a button. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?

However, our increasing reliance on the web means people are moving away from older means of information. In a world of texts, emails, and Google, people are becoming more reluctant to pick up the phone or speak in person. They’re used to finding everything they want online, and that’s the way they like it. If they’re looking for a business, they’re not going to open up a phone book. They’re going to head to Google.

It may seem silly or pathetic to you, but it doesn’t change the fact that a business without an online presence is practically invisible to a large chunk of the population. As time goes on, there will be more and more people who never knew life before the Internet.  Having a website means the younger and tech savvy customers won’t have trouble finding you.


4. Websites = Convenience for Customers

Have you ever driven to a store, unsure of whether it would be closed when you got there? I think most people have been in this situation. Luckily most places display their hours of operation on their website. It’s especially convenient now that we have the ability to look up information on the go on our phones.

Hours, prices, services, addresses and phone numbers are some of the important things that people want to know. Fliers get thrown out, and phones can only be manned for part of the day. However,  having a website means that all of your information is always available to your audience within seconds, at any time, in any place, regardless of how busy you may be. Having that convenience is incredibly valuable to your customers. If they can’t get their answers quickly, they might just take their business elsewhere.


3. Endless Creativity

One of the hardest parts of owning a business is standing out from your competitors. Everyone claims to offer the best values, prices, and services. You have to stand above the mindless buzzwords and old-fashion advertising if you want to catch your audience’s attention. The internet supports a huge variety of mediums such as images, text, videos, audio, and interactive games. Can you think of how you can use these to your advantage? It’s time to get creative!

One of the most popular methods of attracting customers on the internet is by providing how-to instructions and videos. People LOVE to learn, and contributing to the information available is a great way to gain a following, all while advertising your services and proving that you’ve got the skills and knowledge people are looking for. A good example of this is Feng Zhu Design School, a school located in Singapore that runs a Youtube Channel dedicated to teaching the world about the processes behind designing concept art. Live demonstrations of material that could be taught in classrooms are regularly uploaded for aspiring artists to watch, and each video is watched by hundreds of thousands of people. By creating these videos, FZD School of Design has gained a worldwide audience who are eager to learn more from the professionals.

This idea works, even if the services you offer are less glamorous. You can bet that at any moment there’s someone somewhere looking for information on the products and services you offer. Find a way to be informative, entertaining, humorous, exciting, and have fun with it. If someone happens to land on your blog, or watch your Youtube video, or read your infographic, then chances are they’re going to be thinking of you when it comes time to make a purchase, or hire a professional.


2. Connect With Your Audience

You’ve probably heard the words “Social Media,” before. It’s become a huge term in the business world, and there’s a reason why it has become so influential. Social Media refers to platforms that encourage interactivity, communities, discussion, and user-generated content. These are all great things to think about when planning your business’ online presence. A business that interacts with their audience is a business worth supporting.

The most popular ways to connect with customer is through Social Network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It has become the norm for most places to have a link to a dedicated Facebook page somewhere on their website. Doing so allows people to easily stay updated with what you’ve been doing lately. It’s also a chance to have fun. Ask your followers questions, start some discussions, share entertaining findings, hold contests, go above and beyond being a business. Encourage your followers to collaborate and share their thoughts. Let them know that they matter.

You can also include Social Media directly on your website. Blog and News sections are common among business websites, and they usually allow people to leave comments and feedback. Another option is a forum where people can make their own posts, and discussions. They’re great for getting feedback, suggestions, and reporting problems. For example; Adobe has forums sections for each of their software products, allowing people to report bugs, and ask for help fixing problems. They’ve created a community of collaboration where people can lend assistance and communicate with staff.


1. It Looks Professional

There was a time when a website wasn’t a common thing to have. The Internet was was a new place with potential that was just beginning to be realized. It was used primarily by tech savvy individuals who were passionate about keeping up to date on technology. Then things began to change rapidly. The web became a more user-friendly place, and more and more people began adopting this new technology into their daily lives.

These days, it’s not just extremely common for a business to have a website: it’s straight up expected. Look at if from your customers perspective. In a world where everything is online; any business that isn’t is going to look small, unsuccessful and severely outdated.

There’s no doubt that the decision to get a website is a big step. They can require a lot of time, work, and money to set up and maintain. However, that’s part of the appeal of a website. People want to know that you have the resources to hire talented people to design and build your site, and the dedication to provide an exceptional web experience for your audience. It’s the difference between handing a client a well printed business card, and giving them a piece of scrap paper with your details scribbled on it. Show the world you’re serious about what you do.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you might be missing out on, it’s time to take action! Whether you’re looking for your first website, or you want to update to take advantage of some of the benefits; DT Media has you covered. Start off by taking a look at our packages.



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