A website can be compared to your dream job interview. You want to ensure that your jacket is neatly ironed, your hair is brushed and that you do not have a piece of spinach left from today’s lunch. You want this meeting to go smoothly. You want to appear professional, calm, cool and collective. You want him to choose you for the job, not the candidate before you. You want to be the one that wins him over. You want to be the solution to his problems.

A website is that first impression. When people log on to your site, it is like the first initial handshake with a potential employer. You want the website to have neatly ironed layout, where all of the details have been tweaked and the code is running smoothly. The website must appear professional in order to be taken seriously and the users should be dealing with a cool and user-friendly layout. The site should convince the visiting customers or clients that you are the one to hire for the job. You want to win your visitors and be the solutions for their problems. You do not want them to leave your site to find the answers elsewhere.

So what is the importance of having a professional looking website? Firstly, if your website appears professional at first glance, there is a large chance that unique users will stay on the site for a longer period of time to investigate. Secondly, a professional website is more likely to convince your visitors to purchase your product or inquire about your services, if they believe that your business is professional. Thirdly, a professional website will make you stand out from your direct competitors, which – on the Internet – can mean competitors from around the world. Do not hesitate to get a professional website, if you are serious about surviving online. Without one, you may just be job candidate number #473.


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