Like a reanimated corpse that won’t seem to stay down, email marketing has found a second life. Today, we’ll talk about ways that email marketing has reinvented itself – and how your business just might benefit from it.

“As much as we’re told e-mail isn’t sexy, no one sends more e-mail than Facebook or Twitter.” Paul Berry, RebelMouse CEO

A call to action

Sure, social media is a popular way to get your word out there. But there are two things to consider: First, the frequency of new content that streams in makes it difficult to ensure that all your followers or fans will see your content. Second, Facebook in particular has an algorithm that determines which posts are pushed to the top of your News Feed. From likes, shares and even TYPE of content posted – there are factors in place that are simply beyond your control. Either way, both guarantee that SOMEBODY who is already following you can still miss the terrific stuff you’re trying to put out. But email? For the most part, email GUARANTEES that your subscribers will at least give you a quick glance. More than Facebook shares, flashy PPC ads or that tireless effort to get your webpage at the top of a Google results page, there is no better call to action than that pop-up on your phone. How else are you going to get rid of that notification other than by clicking on the email directly? And guess what: this isn’t like a cold call. If people are subscribed, people are already interested. For B2B (business to business) marketers, 59% have reported email to be the best tool in revenue generation.

There’s an Email for that™

Need to advertise a sale? How about a prize giveaway? Want to create a newsletter? Email marketing is as versatile as you need it to be. Typically, email is often used to push discounts, coupons or a multitude of other sales on past customers. For retailers online or off, many have taken the magazine ad route. Stylishly display products like a catalogue, but without visually crowding the screen. Less is more.

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Newsletters are another popular trend, and one that I could write an entire post on! But briefly: since the death of Google Reader and RSS feeds in general, people have begun flocking back to email. Twitter is an easy way of getting news on the go, if you can spend every waking minute staring at your feed. To those with less time to spare, places like can be an unbelievable resource. in particular will go through your social media feeds for you to find the most popular and shared content among your friends and then send you an email the next morning with the collected info.

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To be even more specific, Newsle offers to go through your network and notify you every time any of your friends and colleagues make the news. Other news curation-type sites can also send shorter emails out with the previous day’s most popular posts to make sure that you’re caught up on all the latest gossip. The Daily Digg is a personal favourite.  News aggregate sites can post an upwards of a hundred items a day, and their daily email newsletter system is my idea of reading the morning paper on my phone, before I even crawl out of bed. Email marketing can be anything you want it to be, so take advantage of this versatility when you consider the fact that you can send this to virtually anybody you want to and in any frequency they might prefer. Tailor that mailing list and catch them in the morning, because once you’ve got their attention, the only place they should be coming back to is you.


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