For those who may not be familiar with the operations behind the Google search engine may find it hard to believe that the search engine ranks content using a specific ranking system. This system is composed of algorithms, which are codes that are designed to find the most relevant content for users.

To keep up with the desires and needs of the readers and to remain the most popular search engine in the industry, Google is frequently changing the search engine algorithms. One of the most recent algorithm changes that are being implemented during the first couple of months in 2011 is being discussed in the news. The goal of this new algorithm is to eliminate content farms and spam from the top pages and promote individual blogs and expert websites.

More information about the specific algorithm change can be found on Matt Cutts’ blog. Cutts is a software engineer and works at Google. He has been part of the team since 2000 and is the head of the Google web-spam team.

New Google Algorithm

The new Google algorithm change is bad news for larger content mills that pump out thousands of pages daily with fresh content. This content is often written by freelance writers, who get paid a flat fee rate per article. Other content sites that will be affected are sites that offer little information about a single topic, but are packed with ads. These two types of websites generate income through the Google Adsense program.

Business owners, individual writers and professional bloggers will benefit from this new algorithm change. Originally written content with optimized SEO trails and techniques will be picked up faster, since it will no longer be competing with content sites that are producing thousands of content sites daily.

How will you be using this new Google algorithm?


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