People often use pictures to provide some human emotion on a website. On personal websites or blogs, the pictures can be pictures can be of home-cooked meals, vacation pictures or favorite movies or musical artists. Business websites, on the other hand, is more prone to using pictures of the products being sold or pictures of happy people. But is this really effective?

If a business is selling a service rather than a product, it can be difficult to pick the proper pictures. Many will simply pick an image, where a person is smiling or overly happy. This will often be associated with customers and how much joy the service has brought them.

However, you may want to pick another image as many service-based businesses use smiling faces to promote their services. To find the proper image for your website, read through your copy to determine what it is your text is saying about the service or business. For example, do not place a picture of children next to a text that discusses the importance of budgeting money. While some people will interpret the connection as your children needing your money, others will interpret it as saving money in order to donate and provide to others.

It is this interpretation that can cause images to become ineffective on websites. As you choose your images, ensure that it is not open to interpretation when placed next to the right text. Ask five of your friends to ask you what connection they make between the image and text. If you do not get the responses you have hoped for, you need to change the image. Not only do your friends think and interpret differently, but so do every other individual who browse the web.

What great images do you have on your website?


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