If you are a WordPress blogger with an audience that expects you to post on a schedule, you might be interested to know that WordPress can do it for you! With this option, it is possible to write as many posts as you want, and have them publish on a schedule that you set. Whether you post once a day, once a week or once a month; you can rest assured that your audience can expect consistent content from your blog.

In order to do this, look for the Publish module located to the right of the post editor.


Now, click the blue Edit link next to Publish Immediately.


You now have the option to set the date/time when you want your post to publish itself. (Keep in mind that this setting uses the 24 hour clock.) To set PM times you will need to know the time according to the 24 hour clock. For example: 2:00 PM is 14:00. The time in the module is based off of your location in your Settings>General page.

scheduling copy

Once you have set a time, it should now say Schedule For: followed by the date and time. Also, the Publish button at the bottom will change to Schedule.


After you click Schedule, your posts will be triggered by the first visit to your blog at or after the date/time you have set.

Note: If the scheduled time has passed and you do not see your post. Log out of WordPress and visit your blog’s front page. This should cause the post to appear. You may also use this option to backdate posts and reschedule and repost old blog posts. If you decide you want to unschedule a post, just set the schedule to the current date/time.

There you have it! You have successfully set up your blog to post on a schedule!




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