While keywords and frequent posting on several pages can highly impact your placement in the search engine results, there is one last method that is easy to use to be part of those top 10 search results. It is a simple four letter words that means the same as a journal. Yes, a blog can help you get into those top spots.

Having a blog on your website, however, is not enough to attract readers and customers. You must update it frequently with relevant and high-quality content in order to be taken serious. Keep in mind that blog reflects directly on your company, so write professionally with knowledge, personality and calmness.

So how does a blog help, you may ask? There are two distinct reasons. If you remember back to part II of this mini-series, search engines index every web page created, even if it is under the same site or domain name. It is a distinct page, as it is an extension of the original domain name. So every time you write a blog post, you are essentially creating a new web page under your website. This means that you open more doors for visitors to find your site.

Another reason is the content. Let’s say your business is making cupcakes. You offer various types of flavors, colors and decorations. While the main service and purpose of your business website is to sell cupcakes, your blog could discuss various techniques in terms of decorating cupcakes, getting that distinct blue cupcake icing or being creative in terms of developing new flavors. If someone then searches on how to make blue icing for cupcakes, your blog may end up in the search results. You have now attracted a new reader, who may be interested in purchasing blue-colored frosted cupcakes.


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