While keywords play a crucial role in ending up on the front page of search results, it is not the only method that can help you achieve the top position. Believe it or not, but the amount of individual pages you have on your website can also help influence your placement in search results. The reason? The more pages you have, the more entry points you create for search engines and readers.

The most common web pages found on business website include a home page, an “About” page, a services or products page, a list of previous work or clients and a general contact page. Some businesses will also have a blog and an update page, where the company discusses recent updates pertaining to the company, opinions on the given industry or share tips or tutorials for readers or customers.

Simply because the amount of web pages can help your business reach the top positions in search results, you should not add pages to simply have pages. Too many pages with little quality content can look like spam or unprofessional. Only add pages that give your business website a professional angle, quality content and give your website a unique edge that makes it stand out from your competitors.


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