You have built a website. You have added pictures, menu headings and text. A contact form has also been implemented, so readers can get in contact with you. Your website domain is unique and as far as you know, there is no other website, business or blog with your chosen domain name. So why is your website not showing up in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search results?

When you type in a sentence, question or simply a word into a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, the engine will generate thousands of websites, blogs and online stores for you to browse through. The search engine has chosen these particular websites based on several factors, one of which is keyword density.

Keyword density essentially means a collection of keywords used on the website that match the words you have entered into the search engine. The density part of the definition refers to the amount of times the keywords are used on the web pages under a chosen domain. For example, if you are looking for an online flower shop and those three words are part of your searching words, the search engine will choose websites where “online”, “flower” and “shop” are used both together and independently.

To make your website findable and part of the top 10 websites in major search engines, go through your text to ensure you have used your chosen keywords professionally and frequently. Repeating the same keyword in every sentence can cause the text to sound pushy, unprofessional and spam-like. Instead, choose keywords that can have the same meaning. For example, “artificial flowers” can also be called “fake flowers”, “plastic flowers” and “silk flowers”. Be flexible and versatile when selecting your keywords. Keep in mind that people do not think alike, so do not use one keyword. Use as many as you can think of to attract many unique visitors.

Most importantly – do not become frustrated and give up after you have spent hours implementing your keywords on your website. Most search engines have thousands, if not millions, of websites they are organizing and indexing, so it may take months before you see your website. But if you do it right, it should appear sooner rather than later.


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