Ever since I decided to use the following Facebook business page tips to change our strategy, our engagement increased by 110% and our reach increased by 137% within the first month. I used to spend a lot of time sifting through materials and I posted some pretty great reads, so why wasn’t I getting any engagement? I thought that was what our fans wanted – a place to find good content.

Our initial strategy was to share about 80% of information from articles and 20% of our company culture and ongoings at the office. It turns out, we had it the other way around. Unfortunately, too many businesses do the same!

When we analyzed our strategy, we decided to scrap it and rework a new one. If you’re not happy with something, change it! So we did.

Do Your Research

We reviewed how people behaved on Facebook and realized that we couldn’t be interacting with Facebook users as if they were on Twitter or LinkedIn. We had a little inkling that we ought to manage our page more like we would our personal Facebook pages – but dialed back a bit.

Out of due diligence, we checked out big brand name companies that were doing it right and compared it to ones that were struggling. Turns out our idea was correct, so we took a calculated risk and tried it. Here’s the proof:


Find Your Voice

We sat down and created a persona for our brand that was specific to Facebook. We came up with personality traits first, then branched off into specific phrases that our persona would use. From there, we decided on topics that we would talk about.

If you’re stuck on topics, ask yourself questions like “What would a person who lives in this office talk about?” It could be about the sweet rides parked outside!


Or something you’re not too fond of:


As all else related to content marketing, original content is best. Notice that everything above was original content? So another thing you can do is drastically paraphrase articles and reference the sources without posting the link. I would still caution overdoing this though.

People on Facebook are generally more interested in quick updates than long paraphrased information from articles.

They’re on Facebook to connect with friends and family, so you need to make your company page as likable as a good friend.

Learn to be Likable

It’s all about understanding why people are on Facebook in the first place. Here’s a hint: browse through a few of your friends’ timelines. Here are some things you may find:

  • Opinions
  • Moods
  • Random thoughts
  • Shares about things they found cool

But remember how I said it needs to be dialed back a notch? You’ll probably also find some swearing and crude humour in the above. That’s why it’s crucial to plan out the persona. It minimizes the risk of offending someone and damaging your brand.


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