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The Importance of Having a Professional Website

A website can be compared to your dream job interview. You want to ensure that your jacket is neatly ironed, your hair is brushed and that you do not have a piece of spinach left from today’s lunch. You want this meeting to go smoothly. You want to appear professional, calm, cool and collective. You […]

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WordPress and Blog Development

Blogs are becoming an increasingly popular method of interacting with customers, clients and curious readers. A blog is an area where thoughts are shared, promotions are revealed, commentaries are added into predetermined categories and affiliate links are incorporated into text. At DT Media, we look at a blog in two ways. We recognize it is […]

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Custom Content Management Systems

It is important to have compelling content on your website, so readers return time and time again. By having a customized content management system in place, you can update your web content frequently and efficiently without contacting a developer. Frequently changing content is the number one way to turn unique visitors into returning visitors. With […]

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Custom HTML/CSS and PHP Web Development

Looking for great web development for your next project? Maybe you have an idea in mind, but you have not seen a template of it before. Or perhaps you do not want to use a WordPress theme to create your website. Our DT Media website designers understand these thoughts, ideas and determination. We truly understand […]

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