Managing construction projects can be a real challenge. Finding the right app to help manage your construction projects is key!

With everything you have to track and manage, you want an app that can be used from your mobile device so you are able to work anywhere, anytime.

Here are three of the best construction apps available for you so you can save time and money, and be safe.


Viewpoint for Mobile

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Available for both Apple and Android devices, this app gives you an easy way to track time and productivity on all of your construction projects. Once the time is logged, the app transfers the data to your construction accounting software so that you don’t have to worry about losing any of the entered data.

There are several different elements to this app:

  • Events and Conferences
  • Field Manager
  • Share
  • ProContractor Mobile



There are new features constantly launching! Read more about them here.

Though it is only available for Apple products, this free app can really help you get things under control.

Incredibly easy to use and versatile, you can set up your superintendents and project managers to make it easier to collaborate on their projects from the field.

The crew can also use it to check the latest plans and add updates for critical items, including photos.



Safety Meeting App


Our fundamental goal is to provide contractors with products to manage workplace safety more effectively. – Safety Meeting App

It is impossible to over emphasize the importance of safety in construction.

Available for both Apple and Android, this app helps to ensure that safety is integrated into every part of every project.

You will need to set up an account, but Safety Meeting App and the account are free. It gives you the tools you need to stay OSHA compliant even out in the field.

Here are a few elements of the app to give you a better idea of it’s use:

  • Document accidents, incidents, and near-misses
  • Date stamps for all safety meetings
  • Manage meetings, including topics and attendees
  • Storage of photo and information for later review and OSHA compliance


Technology has made it easier than ever to help manage your construction projects more efficiently.

Take a look at these other 10 Construction Applications to help manage your construction projects.

It is definitely worth your company’s time to learn the app you choose to it’s fullest potential so you don’t miss a beat!

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